Why you’re having problems connecting with your soulmate with Marcy Neumann

I did a webinar with my friend and mentor Marcy Neumann from while we were in Thailand together. This is her talking about why you may have problems attracting and connecting with the great, quality man you’re looking for. It gave me shivers down my spine. Check it out: Want do you think about this…

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How long should you wait before sleeping with him or getting physically intimate? – with Joe Amoia

Are you confused about when you should get physically intimate with a guy? Joe Amoia, the Ambassador of Love tells us what he thinks: Want to learn more about Joe? Visit his website at What did you think of this video? When should you get physically intimate with a guy? Comment below and let…

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How to Get His Attention and Get Him to Approach You with Patty Contenta

I recently did an interview with Patty Contenta from Here’s a small clip from that interview where we talk about how to get a guy’s attention and how to get him to approach you. Check it out: What do you think? Should you do more to invite a guy over to talk with you?…

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Is the man you’re with keeping you from being happy? Why you need to screen men with Joe Amoia

Is the guy you’re with preventing you from being happy? Joe Amoia from GPS For Love weighs in… What do you think? Should you turn the guy you’re with into Mr. Right or instead go and find someone who is compatible with you? Comment below and let us know what you think!

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When should I tell someone I’m dating about my past trauma?

Someone from our community wrote me an email about when she should bring up a traumatic experience that she’s had in her life. She was raped awhile back. She had some really rough times afterwards but is doing well now and recovering. She wants to know when to bring this up because she has some…

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How to Create a Committed, Lasting Relationship

If you’re looking for a committed, lasting relationship, there are a few things you need to do… 1. Find and Meet a Quality Man Most people tend to want to skip this one. As much as you think that the completely broken and unavailable men you keep falling for would just be soooo great if…

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Don’t Be Fooled By the Mask I Wear

Don’t Be Fooled by the Mask I Wear The author is of this poem is unknown, like many of the good poems I find. Don’t be fooled by me. Don’t be fooled by the face I wear. For I wear a mask. I wear a thousand masks- masks that I’m afraid to take off and…

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The Awakening – Virginia Marie Swift

This is a work by Virginia Marie Swift about what it is like to go through an awakening. I’ve found that it has been very powerful on my journey of transformation. If you’re going through some transformational times in your life, you may find it valuable as well. —————– A time comes in your life…

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Why Do I Have to Change? Why Can’t Men Learn to Be Better Boyfriends? Why is it MY Responsibility?

A huge complaint/question I constantly get from women is… “Why do I have to change? Why can’t men be the ones who change?” That’s very good question. I can understand how frustrating it must be to think that you need to change yourself and men are just supposed to stay the same. Before I was…

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Close up kiss on girls cheek.

When Should You Let a Man Kiss You?

This seems to be a common concern for most women I talk to… “When should I let a man kiss me?” Here’s the short answer: Whenever he goes for the kiss. The response I get to this tends to be… “But I won’t kiss him if it’s too soon. I don’t kiss on the first…

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